Video & Podcast Review – Sasquatch Sunset

Video & Podcast Review – Sasquatch Sunset

Join Silas Lindenstein on “You’re Watching a Movie with Silas Lindenstein” as he delves into the quirky and unconventional world of “Sasquatch Sunset,” starring Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Kao. In this episode, Silas explores the film’s unique approach to storytelling and its standout performances, all while pondering the broader themes it subtly presents.

Check out the trailer then listen or watch my review:




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When he’s not reviewing films or interviewing people for the Black & A Half podcast, Silas Lindenstein can be found in the greater metro Seattle, WA working as a real estate agent helping people buy and sell homes, or performing stand up comedy to fellow nerds. He has a wife and three children and desperately wants to learn to make the perfect homemade pizza.

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