About Silas

You’re Watching A Movie With Silas Lindenstein is a podcast and review site brought to you by Black & A Half productions. Hosted by Silas Lindenstein where he discusses new and old films, television shows and other creative content.

He is a podcast host for the Black & A Half podcast, a show that interviews creatives in all fields with a special focus on helping historically disenfranchised artists and creators be heard.

Silas is also member of for the Seattle Film Critics Society

When he’s not review and consuming film and tv, Silas is working on films as a filmmaker and actor or performing stand up comedy.

That concludes the creative aspect of Silas’ life. When he’s not doing any of those things, Silas works as a Real Estate Agent in the greater Seattle/Tacoma Washington area. He also hosts a very successful real estate podcast called “You’re Buying A Home With Silas Lindenstein.”