Interview: Stimson Snead & Samuel Dunning

Posted in Genre, Podcast, Scifi by - May 20, 2024
Interview: Stimson Snead & Samuel Dunning

It’s an interview episode! Silas had a chance to chat with Writer/Director Stimson Snead & actor Samuel Dunning from the new film Time Travers And The Time Traveler’s Paradox. They discuss how the film was made and they answer the world-famous 7 Questions. 

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About The Film

It is called the Time Traveler’s Paradox. In which a scientist creates a Time Machine and kills their younger self. So now a man who should not- can not- exist, somehow does. That is the Paradox, and Paradoxes are impossible. And the man who has created it, is Tim Travers. A reclusive mad scientist whose stated mission in life is to stand alone with God at the end of time, and tell the bastard off!!

In the course of his adventure, Tim Travers will take on the mercenary gang whose stolen plutonium powers his machine, challenge an Alex Jones esk podcaster to a battle of wits, create a black hole, meet the one woman alive crazier than him, clone himself, destroy the universe, make a new one, and maybe-just maybe- learn to love himself at last.

TIM TRAVERS AND THE TIME TRAVELER’S PARADOX was written & directed by Stimson Snead. The film was executive produced by Ben Yennie, Felicia Day, and Rich Cowan, and produced by Kylie Walchuk and Casey Cowan. The film has a running time 104 minutes and is available for sale in all territories. TIM TRAVERS AND THE TIME TRAVELER’S PARADOX premiered at 2024 Cinequest where it won Best Comedy Feature. It also just screened at BIFFF, Phoenix Film Festival and the Seattle International Film Festival



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