Interview: 7 Questions with Nicholas Acosta

Posted in Action, Comedy, Genre, Short Films by - July 02, 2024
Interview: 7 Questions with Nicholas Acosta

Episode Title: Action and Comedy on a Budget with Nicholas Acosta

In this exciting episode of “You’re Watching a Movie with Silas Lindenstein,” Silas sits down with the talented writer-director Nicholas Acosta. Nicholas recently premiered his new short film, “The Pickup,” at the Dances With Films Film Festival on June 25th. “The Pickup” is an action-comedy about an Uber driver who inadvertently becomes involved in a secret agent’s high-stakes mission. Astonishingly, this high-quality film, filled with car chases, fireballs, and even a helicopter, was made on a shoestring budget of just $6,000!

Silas and Nicholas dive into the creative process behind making a visually stunning action short without breaking the bank. They discuss the challenges and innovations of filming during the pandemic, the use of special effects and miniatures, and the remarkable resourcefulness required to produce Hollywood-caliber stunts on an indie budget. Nicholas also shares insights into his popular YouTube series on creating stunts and special effects on a budget, as well as anecdotes from his own Uber driving experiences that inspired the film.

Additionally, Nicholas answers Silas’s “World Famous Seven Questions,” revealing his nerdy passions, favorite foods and drinks, musical tastes, and more.

Don’t miss this fascinating look at indie filmmaking magic and the behind-the-scenes stories that make “The Pickup” a must-watch. Tune in, relax, and enjoy this fun and insightful conversation with Nicholas Acosta.

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