Film Club: Some Kind Of Wonderful

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Film Club: Some Kind Of Wonderful

It’s another Film Club edition where returning guest, Wake Lloire, has Silas watch one of their favorite films, Some Kind Of Wonderful. Spoiler filled. Watch the movie, then come watch the video or listen to the podcast. This is a spoiler-filled discussion but it’s an older movie, so the spoiler embargo has lifted!

About Some Kind Of Wonderful

“Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz), an artsy high school outcast, tries to land a date with popular girl Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson) with some help from his tomboy best friend, Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). However, his advances draw the ire of Amanda’s snobby ex-boyfriend, Hardy Jenns (Craig Sheffer), who makes plans to get even. Matters are further complicated when Watts realizes she likes Keith as more than just a friend and tries to convince him to stop pursuing Amanda.”

Release date: February 27, 1987

PG-13 * 1 Hour 35 Minutes * Drama/Romance

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